My name is Ovi and I am a little seal point kitten with blue eyes. I joined the crew at the Borderland Vet Clinic and I am fitting in here very nicely. Of the three new additions, Rev seems to like me best – maybe because I look the most like him?!? I am not afraid of much and I very much like to snuggle.


I am the rough and tumble new kitten that joined the Borderland Vet Clinic. I am cute, and playful and it takes me a minute or two to get used to new people and animals. But don’t let all my playing and running fool you – I like a good snuggle, too.


Hi everyone. My name is Cue. You might have already met me on the Facebook page where my new family asked for help to name me. I came to the Borderland Vet Clinic to keep Rev company after Bogie passed away – but Rev doesn’t think I am such a good idea (yet…) I am a flame point with blue eyes and I am just the right amount of cuddly and playful. Stop in and see me sometime, I’d love to meet you!


My name is Rev. I came to the Borderland Vet Clini from the SPCA in Moose Jaw. I am a handsome dude – everyone tells me so. I have quite a few second homes that I like to visit around Rockglen. I quite like to do my own thing, be my own boss. I come in when I like, go out when I like and just live life on my own terms. Nothing scares me or fazes me and I sometimes can even be found in trailers, laying on the hoods of vehicles or hitching rides on the tops of moving vehicles.


Hi all. My name is Bubba and I was found on the street with a broken hind leg. My friends at the Animal Hospital of Assiniboia were very kind to me. They took me in, helped me heal my broken leg and then gave me a home. I repay their kindness by being kind, hunting when necessary and holding down all of the boxes in the office – just in case they might blow away. I have also been told that I am the most photogenic, and that my little baby meow is very sweet.


My name is Luigi. I am the handsome white cat with very blue (slightly crossed) eyes. I joined my family at the Animal Hospital of Assiniboia after I was a little bit to rough and tumble for the lady that owned me. I am quite happy at my home and I love to lay on the counter and greet our company.


I am shy Sophia. I came to the Animal Hospital of Assiniboia from the SPCA in Moose Jaw as a cute Tuxedo kitten. I am pretty reserved and quiet and you most likely will find me sleeping on a chair somewhere or laying under the bench outside in the sun.

The Fish

Everyone knows that fish can’t talk so it is slightly difficult to introduce ourselves. But you will find us swimming in the tanks in the offices. Check us out – one of the tanks is a saltwater tank so it is home to very neat fish and anemones that you would find in an ocean. If the clown fish could talk he would say he is the most popular.