Meet Our Team

Dr. Bonnie Brandt

Doctor Bonnie grew up just east of Assiniboia and has spent her entire veterinary career serving Assiniboia and surrounding area. She is on call all the time, but in her few spare moments she likes to spend time on her farm with her husband and daughter and their multitude of animals. 

Jill Jenkins RVT

I grew up on a ranch south of McCord. I have always wanted to be a mom and a rancher, but in Grade 10 I knew that I should also plan on having a “paying” job; so, I decided to become a Veterinary Technician. I did a six-week practicum with Dr. Bonnie & staff towards the end of my Vet Tech course, and then I became a Registered Veterinary Technician in June of 2001. My sister and I worked at a feedlot in AB in the fall of 2001, but I got homesick and came home to stay soon after. I started working for South Country Vet in February of 2002. I have been a part-time employee, working between both clinics, ever since. My husband and I ranch south of Glentworth. We have two sons and we love getting to raise them in this lifestyle, surrounded with cows, good horses and lots of Border Collie dogs. I love my time at home, but I also love my couple days a week at work. My favorite part of my job is definitely the people that I get to work with. I also love visiting with clients, spending time with our patients, puppy breath and the new things that I am always getting to learn.

Tracey Lemieux RVT

This is Tracey Lemieux. Tracey is another of our RVTs. She works part-time at the Animal Hospital of Assiniboia office. When Tracey was expecting her first baby, people would ask what she was hoping for and she’d reply that she was wanting to have a puppy. (She must have decided that human babies were okay though, as she had three more. 😉) Among other things, Tracey keeps us all organized and she is the fish-tank expert at work.

Sue Chandler RVT

I grew up a “city” kid in Winnipeg, dragging every stray without a collar home with me after school. I always knew that my life path would definitely include animals. Through many holidays spent on family farms and ranches on the Saskatchewan prairies as a kid, I knew by about the age of 10 that I definitely wanted, no NEEDED, to be a rancher! And so, not being of a ranching family, I pursued a career in Animal Healthy Technology where I would be able to work with animals, gain more knowledge of cows, and potentially increase my chances of acquiring my anticipated ranching suitor. In my final year of school, during my large animal practicum at a clinic in Brandon in March of 1999, I finally met him! The kindest, the sweetest, the most handsome – Plumber?!? We married in the fall of 2005 and have two very high energy little girls. We live on an acreage near Woodrow, SK and enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle with our horses, dogs and cats, and we enjoy hunting, fishing and camping in the summer. Our winters are mostly filled with hockey, more hockey, and ice fishing. I started working at South Country Vet in August of 2011 and work part time at both clinics. I love my job and the people I get to work with every day, and am proud to be a part of such a wonderful and caring clinic and staff. My favorite part of my job is of course caring for the animals. I also enjoy communicating with our clients and getting to know them and their pets. Veterinary medicine is a perpetually changing industry and I feel fortunate to be constantly learning new things through the work that I love so much.

Myla Mastad

I am the Office Manager and I do the book work for both the Assiniboia and the Rockglen clinics.  When you call the Borderland Vet Clinic with questions, to book an appointment or to place an order it is more than likely you will be hearing my friendly voice.  It is my job to pay the bills, create bills, and to make sure we have proper inventory in stock, but it is my privilege to provide our wonderful clients with customer service.  Recently I purchased a fixer upper house in Rockglen, so I had to learn new skills such as how to use a tape measurer, saw, and a paint brush.   I was raised on a ranch south of McCord, and I am fortunate enough to have my own herd of cows there.  Therefore, most of my spare time is spent working (well I consider it more pleasure than work) at my parent’s ranch.  I own three amazing horses that I trained myself, and a tough, yet sweet, Yorkshire Terrier dog named Denym owns me.  I love working with animals, especially cows and horses.  I worked as a pen-checker at two different feedlots, as well I was a pasture rider for the Provincial Community Pastures.  In 2013 I started working for South Country Vet, this is a good fit for me.  I am able to utilize my accounting diploma, be around animals, and work with like-minded people. 

Michelle Brice

Michelle Brice grew up in Broadview, SK but now lives near Ormiston, SK. She joined our team in 2015 and can be found every day at the Animal Hospital of Assiniboia. Michelle has a very friendly and endearing attitude. Michelle loves her husband and her sweet daughter and she is happiest when she is spending time with them. She also loves coffee and hates chocolate, which is super great as that means more chocolate for the rest of us! 

Luree Weisbeck

Luree is the newest team member to join our staff. She lives on a ranch near Killdeer, SK with her husband and two sons. She is working part time at the Borderland Vet Clinic. We know that Luree’s friendly personality and her ranch experience are going to mean that she will be a wonderful fit and we are so excited to have her as part of our team.

Lindsey Monea

Lindsey grew up on a mixed farm near Killdeer, SK. She just completed her second year of Veterinary Medicine at the WCVM in Saskatoon. Lindsey worked with us last summer under a Veterinary Student Summer Mentorship Program and we are happy to have her back again this summer. She is gaining valuable experience and she brightens our days.